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Taking care of yourself is not selfish or a waste of time, it is Essential for you! wellnessbymichele

Your health and well-being is important. I work with you, the whole person to be the best you can be!

Would you like help:

  • Easing the symptoms of stress and anxiety?
  • Reducing your stress levels and the impact it is having on your body?
  • Easing Pain?
  • Looking and feeling the best you can?
  • Exploring a natural and non-invasive way for you to improve your physical & mental well-being?
  • Feeling like you again?
  • Being the best version of yourself in mind, body, spirit?
  • Boosting your immune system?

    Let me help you be the best version of yourself!

    YES? I want to book an appointment. Want more Information?
    Contact me

    I provide the following treatments:
    Traditional Reflexology, VRT Reflexology, Hot Stone Reflexology, Spinal Reflexology, Power Reflexology and Reflexology to balance the Chakras. Auricular Reflexology (Ear Reflexology)
    Reflexology for Peri menopause and Menopause
    Reflexology is an amazing powerful and relaxing treatment that is perfect for everyone.

    Facial Reflexology (Bergman Method) - a fantastic facial treatment incorporating a facial cleanse and Reflexology to specific facial reflex points leaving you feeling like you are floating!

    Zone Face Lift - a wonderful natural anti-ageing treatment using specific Facial Reflexology points, Facial massage, wonderful healing crystals and gua sha tools leaving you fresh and invigorated and energized.
    My clients find that having regular Facial Reflexology and/or Zone Face Lift treatments has made a significant improvement to their skin and a reduction in lines & wrinkles. All achieved when you are lying down!

    Facial Cupping can be added to a Facial Reflexology or Zone Face Lift Treatment or as a stand alone treatment. Incredibly beneficial for reducing lines and wrinkles and for treating Sinus issues and pain.
    Swedish Massage, Holistic Massage, Pregnancy Massage, Indian Head Massage, Massage for Sciatic and Piriformis pain, Hot Stone Massage, Lymphatic Massage, Soft Tissue Release and Cupping. I also Baby Massage.

    Colour Mirrors - Using the beauty and wisdom of Colour to enhance relaxation and aid healing either within your choice of treatment or as a stand alone therapy session to help balance Chakras, find yourself, release energy blockages or whatever you need help with - the energy of Colour will help you to remember who you truly are!

    My clients come from from the surrounding areas of Draycott, Cheddar, Easton, Wells in Somerset and beyond with online appointments available.

    I typically work with clients who are struggling with Back/Spinal Pain, Stress, Anxiety and Depression and sleeping issues.

    All my treatments are bespoke and designed specifically to You and Your needs, giving You the space and time You need, helping You to relax, ease pain, sleep better, improving Your mental well-being, enabling You to deal with and cope better with the demands of Your busy live.

    I have a wide variety of male and female clients who receive my help to deal with their back pain, menopausal symptoms, stress, anxiety and depression.

    I also work with clients and their families who are affected by a diagnosis of cancer, supporting them with my holistic treatments, providing them with a safe place to rest and heal.

    I have received some wonderful feedback from my clients.
    'Michele is a miracle worker! Do not hesitate to book a session with her.' Danielle Collins

    'I love having treatments @Wellness by Michele. Michele successfully combines a variety of techniques to make each treatment bespoke and tailored to your individual needs. You always leave feeling better!' Geri D.

    'Amazing service and treatment and a real pleasure to be treated by this amazing soul highly recommend Michele.' Pam Rishiraj

    Further client feedback can be can be viewed here Wellness by Michele Holistic Therapies facebook page and on Wellness by Michele Google reviews.

    I see, hear and listen to You. I work with You, the whole person – mind, body, spirit, leaving You calm, balanced and revived.

    Whether you have Reflexology, Massage, Facial Reflexology, Indian Head Massage or any of my therapies, the positive healing benefits of Your treatments starts from the time You contact me and continues long after Your treatment has ended.

    Relax, Revive, Reboot with Wellness by Michele and Reduce Your Stress and Your Anxiety

    Contact me to book your 1st appointment.

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  • Self Help Videos

    I have worked with Healthista and designed a series of Self Help Reflexology videos showing reflex points that you can use on your hands, feet or face to help with stress, anxiety, sinus congestion, back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, sleeping problems and headaches.

    Always wash your hands before and after following the self help tips.

    Reflexology Self help on the Feet

  • Hep with headaches - Self help on your feet
  • Relief from Blocked Sinus and Colds - Self help on your hands
  • Relief from Back, Neck and Shoulder pain - Self help on your feet
  • Relieve Stress and Anxiety - Self help on your feet
  • Help with Sleeping - Self help on your feet

    Reflexology Self help on the Hands

  • Help with Headaches - Self help on your hands
  • Relief from Blocked Sinus and Colds - Self help on your feet
  • Spinal, Neck and Shoulder Pain -Self help on your hands
  • Relieve Stress and Anxiety - Self help on your hands
  • Help with Sleeping - Self help on your hands

    Reflexology Self help on the Face

  • Help with Sinus congestion - Self help on your face
  • Ease stress and tension with Facial Reflexology

    To book a treatment or find out more please Contact me

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  • Where do treatments take place?

    Treatments take place at my practice clinic in Draycott, Cheddar, Somerset, in a warm, inviting, relaxing and comfortable treatment room with heated electronic massage couch and wonderful views towards the Quantocks.
    Clients call it 'their safe space’.

    All treatments begin and end with You. Understanding what You want, Working with You and Supporting You.

    Helping You to Relax, Recharge, Reboot, ready to face the demands of your busy life.

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    Mobile treatments

    I provide a mobile* service, providing holistic treatments to Clients in their own homes, in Cheddar, Easton, Draycott, Westbury Sub Mendip.

    Please call me if you would like a treatment in your home.

    *Mobile visits incurs additional premium charges.

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    Corporate Well-Being and Support

    I am the onsite Reflexologist at Diageo, providing Reflexology and Presentations supporting staff mental health and wellbeing.
    I am able to still provide this valuable support service to staff remotely, through a series of self help videos and during team meetings via Zoom.
    These have proved incredibly popular and staff have reported how welcome and helpful they are.

    Well-Being days, presentations and other well-being activities are increasingly being recognised by employers as an effective and positive way to support their staff in helping staff remain physically and mentally well and feel supported in their day to day working lives.

    In today's busy world more and more companies are realising that by providing well-being service benefits their staff:

  • increased staff well-being, both mental and physical
  • lower sickness absence
  • increased productivity by offering such treatments as Reflexology in the workplace.

    This report Research Paper is just one of a number of studies that details the positive benefits of Reflexology and employees in the workplace.

    I also have worked with and supported SC Johnson in their Well-being events.

    Contact me if your company would like to introduce something similar Or perhaps you would like your workplace to host an Online Well-Being event to help deal with the stress and anxiety caused by working from home.

    Please do Contact me to discuss how I can help you in achieving this.

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  • Charity Events, Fund Raising, Pamper Evenings, Pamper Days

    Perhaps you would like to organise a Pamper Day or have a Pamper evening with a group of your friends, having fun while enjoying relaxing Reflexology treatments.

    "We had the pamper evening with a choice of face and foot reflexology and indian head massage and colour therapy taster packages - it was first class the ladies loved every minute and felt elated and pampered with visable results afterwards.Thank you Michele we will be seeing you again soon." - Dawn

    Raising funds for a Charity? Have you thought about organising a Charity pamper day to raise funds?
    I am proud to take part in and support the Hillingdon Autistic Care and Support (HACS) Pamper days.

    Please Contact me and we can explore together the options available.

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    To find out more about the therapies by Wellness By Michele and how they can help you, visit the Therapies page or Contact me to book a treatment or answer any questions you may have.

    I am fully insured, a member of the Association of Reflexologists, Complimentary & Natural HealthCare Council (CNHC) registered for Reflexology and a Colour Mirror Practitioner

    I look forward to seeing you soon.

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